Prof. Saptarshi Ghosh
Department of Library & Information Science, University of North Bengal, Raja Rammohunpur ,734013.
Subject Specialization
  1. Computer Application in LIS.
Interested in
Sociology of Information Studies
  1. Multimedia Development, Web Application, Object Pascal
  2. Sociology of Information Science
  3. Information science and Knowledge Economy

Professor, Department of Library & Information Science


Dr. Saptarshi Ghosh did his M.A., M.L.I.Sc. from Jadavpur University with first division and position in order of merit. He did Ph.D. from Jadavpur University. He joined his services as a faculty member in NBU in 2001. Dr. Ghosh has published scores of articles in the journal of international repute. He has held a number of administrative positions in professional domain.

Academic Qualification: MA, MLIS, B.Ed., Ph.D.

Experience :More than 21 years as faculty in the Department of LIS, NBU.

Publications/Activities of Dr. Saptarshi Ghosh
  1. Ghosh, Saptarshi (2019). Community Evolution in the Digital Space and Creation of Social Information Capital: A Case Study of Research Scholars of University of North Bengal, Conference Proceedings, ICDL, TERI, ISBN: 978-81-7993-698-6.
  2. Ghosh, S. & Pradhan Sarbada (2017). Knowledge Audit of Integrated Child Development Service (ICDS) workers in Siliguri Subdivision, West Bengal. 11th International Caliber 2017. Anna University, Chennai.
  3. Ghosh, S. (2017). Are all ideas second hand? A socio-religious interpretation of intellectual property for information managers. 1st International Conference on Transforming Library. Kokrajhar Assam, CIT Kokrajhar.
  4. Ghosh, S. (2016). Ensuring Information Quality for quality content development. 27th National Seminar 2016 on Social Networking and Libraries. Raipur, IASLIC.
  5. Ghosh, Saptarshi & Bhattacharya, Udayan. (2015). “Content Management and its Application in LIS Domain.” SRELS Journal of Information Management 51(2): 87-91.
  6. Ghosh, Saptarshi and Sanyal, Soumi (2015). Green Library and Employee Motivation: A Peep into the Theories of Motivation and Green Library Relationship. 30th All India Conference to be held at Gujarat University, Ahmedabad, during December 28-31, 2015. IASLIC
  7. Karkee, P, Majumder, K.P & Ghosh, S (2015). The Cooperative Role of Public Libraries in Enhancing Community Information Services (CIS). 30th All India Conference to be held at Gujarat University, Ahmedabad, during December 28-31, 2015. IASLIC.
  8. Roy, Rajib & Ghosh, Saptarshi (2015). Use of e-resources in North Bengal University Library: a case study. Professional Journal of Library & Information Technology 4(2); 12-16.
  9.  Book/Book Chapters:
  10.  Ghosh, S (2019). Sociography of Content Management for Information Professionals (to be published)
  11.  Awards:
  12. Ghosh, S. (2017). Academic Excellence. S. Ghosh. Burdwan University.
  13. Conference: Paper Presented
  14. Ghosh, S. & Bose, Moumita (2017). Forming Social Capital through Open Innovation and its diffusion of in Libraries. SIS, Open Access: The Road to Freedom, IICB.
  15. Ghosh, S (2017). Social Context of Content Management in Contemporary Information Society, National Seminar on “Efficient Library and Information Services in the Digital Era. Department of Library and Information Science, Burdwan – 713104
  16. Ghosh, S (2017). LIS curricula in Indian Universities. UGC Sponsored National Seminar on “LIS Curricula in Indian Universities” February 3rd-4th 2017 Jadavpur University.
  17. Ghosh, S. (2016). “Digital Sociology and Content Management: the grounded theory approach.” IASLIC Study Circle.
  18. Ghosh, S. (2015). Implementation of Instructional Design in OER materials: a conceptual discourse. Conference on Open Educational Resources. Kolkata.
  19. Membership
  20. Individual Membership: Chartered Institute of Library and Information Professionals (CILIP, UK)
  21. International Membership: Association for Information Science & Technology (Asis&t, USA).
  22. International Membership: American Library Association (ALA, USA).
  23. Life Member: Indian Association of Special Libraries and Information Centres, Kolkata
  24. Life Member: Bengal Library Association, Kolkata.
  25. Communication
  26. Ghosh, D. S. (2017). Request for Chairing Thematic Session in LiNE 2017 National Seminar (December 16-17, 2017).
  27. Ghosh, S. (2016). Inaugural Programme as Honorable Guest. IASLIC Study Circle.
  28. Ghosh, S. (2017). LIS Curricula in Indian Universities. UGC Sponsored National Seminar on LIS Curricula in Indian Universities.
  29. Ghosh, S. (2017). Delivered Plenary lecture in LiNE 2017 National Seminar (December 16-17, 2017).
  30. S. Ghosh. Kalyani, Kalyani University.
  31. Ghosh, S. (2019). Delivering plenary lecture in LiNE 2019 National Seminar: LiNE 27.01.2020
  32. Ghosh, S. (2019). Rapporteur General in LiNE 2019 National Seminar: Line 27.01.2020.
  33. Ghosh, S. (2016). Digital Sociology, HRDC NBU
  34. Ghosh, S. (2016). STC on Translation Theory & Assamese Translated Literature, HRDC, NBU. 17.09.2016
  35. Ghosh, S. (2016). Information Ecology  28th OP 28.11.16, HRDC-NBU.
  36. Ghosh, S. (2016). Emotional Intelligence      27th OP 01.08.16 HRDC-NBU.
  37. Ghosh, S. (2016). Open-Source Statistical Tools, STC on Statistical Computing for quantitative & Qualitative data analysis, 17.12.2016, HRDC-NBU
  38. Ghosh, S. (2017). Invited Guest  1st International Conference on Transforming Library 2017 on 8th, 9th and 10th July 2017, Central Library, CIT Kokrajhar, Assam.
  39. Ghosh, S. (2020). Keynote Address National Seminar on Sustainable Library, Jadavpur University, 24th January 2020. Ghosh, S(2020). Invited lecture in HRDC, Gauhati University, 27.02.2020
  40. Ghosh, S. (2018). International Seminar on Rejuvenating Public Library Services through Digital References Sources. S. Ghosh. Kolkata, Jadavpur University.
  41. Ghosh, S. (2018) Co-Chaired: National Seminar IASLIC 27-28 November 2018Ghosh, S. (2017). Invitation to Participate in Regional Consultation on Public Library State Legislations and Policy. S. Ghosh. New Delhi, IPLM Secretariat: 1.      
  42. Ghosh, S. (2017). Prabir Roy Chowdhury Memorial Lecture. Coochbehar Sahitya Sabha, Bengal Library Association.
  43. Ghosh, S. (2017). Public Library Day Celebration. Saptarshi Ghosh, as Honorable Guest.
  44. Leadership
  45. Head of the Department from 2001-2016
  46. Member of the University Court from 2001-2016
  47. Member of the Faculty Council (ACL) from 2001-2016
  48. Member of the Executive Council 2016-2017
  49.  Dy. Director, HRDC from 2018-2019(8 months)
  50. Member of the IQAC, NBU
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