We are a national centre of excellence, committed to the development of library and information science (LIS) as an academic discipline and vocational practice. Library and Information Science is concerned with the processes and activities of keeping the record of humankind. Our department, known as DLIS,NBU, Centre for Information Science and our activities build on a longstanding tradition of excellence in teaching and research within the field of library and information science. Our research examines the historical and contemporary processes of documentation, so that we can understand the factors shaping our evolving information society.

We embrace and encourage a symbiotic exchange of knowledge between research and practice. Our work explores and extends the boundaries of library and information science, demonstrating its relevance to new audiences, and to those outside the academy. The Library Science Department welcomes students from all backgrounds, who have an interest in entering, or progressing within, the information professions.

Our teaching emphasises both traditional and digital media, engagement with digital scholarship, and outreach. We benefit enormously from our North Bengal location, with ready access to a wealth of collections, exhibitions and colleagues, which inspires innovation and creative thinking.

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