List of Dissertations

1Subrata Kumar GhoshUse of UGC-INFONET Consortium in University of North Bengal: a surveyDr.Susanta Das2006-20072864 no. Locker
2Prativa ChhetriThe survey of libraries of english medium senior secondary school in Kurseong sub-divisionMiss. Nilima Paul2005-20062864 no. Locker
3Susmita AdhikaryAsurvey of rural & primary unit library in siliguri sub-divisionMiss. Nilima Paul2005-2006864 no. Locker
4Samiksha SubbaIFLA journal 2009-2011: a bibliometric studyAsish Kumar Karan2012864 no. Locker
5sarbada PradhanAn annotated thesaurus on knowledge managementAsish Kumar Karan2010-20122864 no. Locker
6Md. Rafiqul AlamDistance education in the state government aided universities in west bangal: a comparative studyMiss. Nilima Paul2005-20062864 no. Locker
7Alak AdakKnowledge management: an annotated bibliographyMr. Ziaur Rahaman2007-2008864 no. Locker
8Sudha SinhaAuthors of Nepali Literature in India:a selected biographical sketch of eminemt Nepali authors of contemporary societyManoj Kumar Roy2005-20062864 no. Locker
9Manoj BarmanInformation seeking Behaviour of users of North Bengal State Library, Cooch Behar Manoj Kumar Roy2006-20072864 no. Locker
10Bhaskar Kanti KarBarcode: a select annotated bibliographyBrindaban Karmakar2006-2007864 no. Locker
11Partha Pratim AcharjeeDistance education of Library and information science in India with special reference to five eminent universitiesManoj Kumar Roy2005-20062864 no. Locker
12Arnab Kumar DasCitation analysis of articles in IASLIC Bulletin: an in-depth studyMr. Ziaur Rahaman2005-2006864 no. Locker
13Aswini Kumar SinghaSchool libraries in Karandighi Block:a surveySaptarshi Ghosh2007-20082864 no. Locker
14Pratyay Kumar DasInformation seeking Behaviour of bidi workers of islampur sub-divisionSaptarshi Ghosh2006-20072864 no. Locker
15Tapan Kumar RoyHigher Secondary school library survey of Alipur sub-divisionSaptarshi Ghosh2005-20062864 no. Locker
16Prosenjit DeyTrend Report on Cancer Research in India:2000-2006Saptarshi Ghosh2006-20072864 no. Locker
17Subikash DasProblems and perspective of rural libraries in Alipurduar Block,Jalpaiguri DistrictManoj Kumar Roy2007-2008864 no. Locker
18Samiran KarComparative study of Library associations,with special reference to BLA,IASLIC, and ILASaptarshi Ghosh2005-2006864 no. Locker
19Karendra Nath RayInformation Use Pattern of Tabacco Cultivators in Cooch Behar district: a surveySaptarshi Ghosh2006-20072864 no. Locker
20Ajoy Kumar DasInformation Seeking Behaviour of Farmars of Jalpaiguri DistrictBrindaban Karmakar2006-20072864 no. Locker
21Goutam BiswasCitation index on women studies published in Economic and Political Weekly,2005Miss. Nilima Paul2005-20062864 no. Locker
22Nilima RoyGeographical information sources at Jalpaiguri sub-divisionMiss. Nilima Paul2006-2007864 no. Locker
23Mantu GoraiCloud Computing for Libraries: a trend reportRakesh Kumar Mandal2012864 no. Locker
24Arun ModakUsers Study of college libraries of Jalpaiguri sub-divisionSaptarshi Ghosh2005-2006389 no. Locker
25Debashis MallikComparative study of college libraries:resources and services in Siliguri sub-divisionBrindaban Karmakar2005-2006389 no. Locker
26Kaushik MallickCopyright issues in digital environment:aselected annotated bibliographyMd. Ziaur Rahaman2006-2007389 no. Locker
27Paramananda ChakrabortyEvaluation of digital libraries softwareDr.Susanta Das2005-20062389 no. Locker
28Aniruddha SarkarSources of information on Health services of Kalchini block for community informationMiss. Nilima Paul2006-20072389 no. Locker
29Bijoy Kumar SinghaInformation Seeking Behaviour of lawyers of Islampur sub-divisionSaptarshi Ghosh2007-20082389 no. Locker
30Sourav DasDissemination of agricultural information through libraries &information Centres in Chanchal block,Malda DistrictMiss. Nilima Paul2007-20082389 no. Locker
31Dawa Doma SharmaTrend report on MetadataMd. Ziaur Rahaman2007-20082389 no. Locker
32Sonali SenguptaBibliometric Study of the citations of SRELS journal of information management(period covered 2005-2007)Brindaban Karmakar2007-20082389 no. Locker
33Sarmistha ChowdhuryCommunity information Service of Suri 1 blockManoj Kumar Roy2007-20082389 no. Locker
34Amrita MajumdarInformation Literacy through school Libraries in Alipurduar sub-division of jalpaiguri district: a surveyMd. Ziaur Rahaman2007-20082389 no. Locker
35Tanmoy ChowdhuryInformation Seeking Behaviour of teachers of North Bengal UniversityBrindaban Karmakar2005-2006389 no. Locker
36Nilima HembramSurvey of college library of Danshin DinajpurManoj Kumar Roy2006-2007389 no. Locker
37Sumit Ghosh RoyUse pattern of Information sources by the user of North Bengal Medical College library: a surveyMd. Ziaur Rahaman2006-2007389 no. Locker
38Moumita BoseDeveloping a fascicule on library and information science and extensions of common auxiliaries of place in India emphasizing West BengalSaptarshi Ghosh2010-20122389 no. Locker
39Suvra SenTrend Report on Antibiotic Research in India:2000-2006Saptarshi Ghosh2006-20072389 no. Locker
40Pallabi SarkarCitation analysis of articles in DESIDOC Bulletin of information technology-during 2002-2006Md. Ziaur Rahaman2006-20072389 no. Locker
41Ashish RoyInformation seeking behaviour of users of Siliguri Institute of Technology(SIT)Manoj Kumar Roy2006-20072389 no. Locker
42Ram Prasad BairagiInformation Seeking Behaviour of tea garden workers of Khoribari block,DarjeelingSaptarshi Ghosh2007-20082389 no. Locker
43Asha LamaInformation flow study of postal system with special reference to Malbazer P.O.Manoj Kumar Roy2006-2007389 no. Locker
44Sanatan SarkarUsers Study of district libraries of Dakshin DinajpurMd. Ziaur Rahaman2006-2007389 no. Locker
45Sujata SarkarSubject Heading list on content management systemMiss. Nilima Paul2006-20072389 no. Locker
46Renjong PhiponWomen in library profession: siliguri mahakuma parishad(SMPA)Saptarshi Ghosh2007-20082298 no. Locker
47Srijana SubbaInformation sources on tourism of Darjeeling DistrictDr.Susanta Das2005-20062298 no. Locker
48Pradipta DasThe survey of medical practitioners in Jalpaiguri:a directoryManoj Kumar Roy2005-20062298 no. Locker
49Pranab Kumar DasCitation Analysis of The Library QuarterlyMd. Ziaur Rahaman2005-2006298 no. Locker
50Adrija Ray PaddarEvaluation of library management softwareDr.Susanta Das2005-20062298 no. Locker
51Pramanna GurungPattern of citation analysis of the articles of the journal urban india: an in-depth studyMd. Ziaur Rahaman2007-20082298 no. Locker
52Dipali Roy BarmanInformation seeking Behaviour with special reference to college libraries of Dhupguri collegeSaptarshi Ghosh2006-2007298 no. Locker
53Sunil Kumar SinghaInformation seeking behaviour of farmers of Naxalbari block,Darjeeling DistrictManoj Kumar Roy2007-20082298 no. Locker
54Saimon OraonDirectory of computer institutes in Siliguri sub-divisionSaptarshi Ghosh2006-2007298 no. Locker
55Sudhankar SinghaCollection development & Management with special reference to N.B.U central library: genesis & evolutionManoj Kumar Roy2007-20082298 no. Locker
56Prantosh Kumar PaulInformation science:trends and analysis(2003-07)Miss. Nilima Paul2007-20082298 no. Locker
57Rupa DasChallenges and scope of digitization in librariesDr.Susanta Das2006-20072298 no. Locker
58Amit Kumar PaulServices of public libraries of Harischandrapur block ,Malda District: an evaluation studyTapan Barui2011-20132298 no. Locker
59Indrani RoyCitation analysis of annals of library and information studies:2008-2012Tapan Barui2011-20132298 no. Locker
60Litu Roychild labour in restaurants and eateries in Jalpaiguri townTapan Barui2011-20132298 no. Locker
61Sanjak TamangImplimentation of Ranganathan's fifth law in central library:University of North BengalTapan Barui2012-20142298 no. Locker
62Moumita MitraIdentification of the cause of digital divide in the higher secondary schools' students of Malda sub-divisionTapan Barui2012-20142298 no. Locker
63Rudrani SahaPeople and Resources in Darjeeling District: an annotated bibliographyTapan Barui2011-20132298 no. Locker
64Sourav majumderInformation support system of the local government of Cooch behar:system analysisTapan Barui2013-20152298 no. Locker
65Hiralal DasSocial Imlpication of insurence sectors in surplus generation for sustainable development:a compatative studyTapan Barui2013-20152298 no. Locker
66Kanchan KumariInformation seeking behaviour of railway staffs in jamalpur sub-divisionTapan Barui2011-20132298 no. Locker
67Binoy SharmaCoverage of news of Assam published in the newspaper the himalayan mirror during january 2012-december 2012:a news digestTapan Barui2011-2013218(1) 2nd row
68Subrata ChowdhuryTrends in Jalpaiguri public libraries,2010-2012Tapan Barui2011-2013218(1) 2nd row
69Monisha BanikCitation analysis of IASLIC BulletinSaptarshi Ghosh2011-2013218(1) 2nd row
70Prayash TamangInformation seeking behaviour of research scholars of North Bengal University: an analytical surveyTapan Barui2011-2013218(1) 2nd row
71Rohini RanaContent analysis on annals of library and information studies:2000-2005Saptarshi Ghosh2011-2013218(1) 2nd row
72Sabyasachi MandalGrowth of gross domestic product(GDP) in Indian economicsSaptarshi Ghosh2011-2013218(1) 2nd row
73Sanjay MandalInformation sources on Rajbansi community of Coochbehar districtTapan Barui2011-2013218(1) 2nd row
74Himanish RoyExposure of news om Sikkim published in the telegraph newspaper during january 2011- december 2012:a news digestTapan Barui2011-2013218(1) 2nd row
75Rinku SarkarRemote Sensing: an annotated bibliographyTapan Barui2011-2013218(1) 2nd row
76Puja BhakatDescriptive cataloguing of the document on supreme court of India available at law college,N.B.UTapan Barui2011-2013218(1) 2nd row
77Susmita SinghaFarming of an indexing system by evaluating the existing techques: a extension of PRECIS index through computerized wayTapan Barui2011-2013218(1) 2nd row
78Sathi sarkarAn analytical study of contents on open source library science journals in DOAJTapan Barui2012-2014218(1) 2nd row
79Jayanta Mistriapplication of operations research in university libraries: with special reference to North Bengal University libraryBrindaban Karmakar2007-2008218(1) 2nd row
80Tushar Kanti RoyLibraries as rural community resource centres: a case study of Uttar Dinajpur districtMd. Ziaur Rahaman2007-2008218(1) 2nd row
81Jhuma HariAccess to social Networking sites by the honours students of general degree colleges of Siliguri sub-division:a surveySaptarshi Ghosh2012-2014218(1) 2nd row
82Gayatri DeTribal movement in India period 1920-1960: an annotated bibliographyManoj Kumar Roy2007-2008218(1) 2nd row
83Malay SarkarBindole gram panchayat,Uttar Dinajpur district: an area studyTapan Barui2011-2013218(1) 2nd row
84Tanmay SahaAutomation of degree college libraries in Dakshin Dinajpur district: an evaluation studyTapan Barui2011-2013218(1) 2nd row
85Bharat Chandra RoyCommunity information services: an analytical study with emphasis to west bengalMiss. Nilima Paul2006-200718(1) 2nd row
86Bikash BarmanSurvey of government sponsored higher secondary school of Tapan block in Dakshin Dinajpur district: a status reportTapan Barui2011-2013218(1) 2nd row
87Pulak RoyLibrary administration and information service support to users of jalpaiguri sadar block public librariesSaptarshi Ghosh2011-2013218(1) 2nd row
88Aditi MondalCollection of local history on district library of Malda: a surveyTapan Barui2011-2013218(1) 2nd row
89Dipanwita MandalCollection development of public libraries under siliguri sub-divisionSaptarshi Ghosh2011-2013218(1) 2nd row
90Anuradha DutrajEffective implementation of web 2.0 in dissemination of library services: a prototypic model for rural librariesTapan Barui2011-2013218(1) 2nd row
91Sangita SarkarAn annotated bibliography on knowledge managementTapan Barui2011-201318(1) 2nd row
92Shikha Shailee MoktanBio-bibliography of Dr. Indra Bahadur Rai: an eminent Nepali authorBrindaban Karmakar2007-2008218(1) 2nd row
93Prosenjit SarkarSchool libraries of Raiganj Sub-division in Uttar Dinajpur district :a status reportTapan Barui2011-2013218(1) 2nd row
94Chandrima DuttaJalpaiguri gelar sthaniya itihas: ekti mullayanattmak samikhaTapan Barui2011-2013218(1) 1st row
95Mampi GhoshBankimchandra Chattopadhayer rachita upanashgulir charitra: nirghantaTapan Barui2011-2013218(1) 1st row
96Rupa BhattacharayaBidhuti Bhushan Bandhopadhayer upanas samuher charitra samaghra: ekti nirghantaTapan Barui2011-2013218(1) 1st row
97Riya BhattacharjeeApplication of queuing theory in library sub-system in university library in Northern regionSaptarshi Ghosh2014-2016218(1) 1st row
98Sumen Kumari MandalThe changing role of library professionals in public libraries of siliguri sub-division: an evaluative studyTapan Barui2014-2016218(1) 1st row
99Sangeeta SahaThe Evaluative study of copyright acts of SAARC countriesSaptarshi Ghosh2014-2016218(1) 1st row
100Kabita RoyLocalHistory of phansidewa block: a compendiumTapan Barui2014-2016218(1) 1st row
101Appy NairAn evaluative study of electronic resource management of engineering college libraries in siliguri sub-divisionSaptarshi Ghosh2014-2016218(1) 1st row
102Mousumi SahaAnalytical study of information need of research scholars of science faculty,University of North BengalTapan Barui2014-2016218(1) 1st row
103Md. Naushad AlamIdentification of roots of drop out from college libraries of siliguri sub-division and its relationship with library professionalsTapan Barui2014-2016218(1) 1st row
104Priyanka NandiInformation seeking Behaviour of school teacher in siliguri municipal areaTapan Barui2014-2016218(1) 1st row
105Arpan RoyDecision Support System and conflict resolution in engineering college libraries under S.J.D.A: an evaluate studyTapan Barui2014-2016218(1) 1st row
106Dipankar DebnathThe emargence of open educational resources as open knowledge in higher educationTapan Barui2014-2016218(1) 1st row
107Sanjit SarkarInformation Literacy skill enhancement of the students by college libraries in cooch-behar district: a studyTapan Barui2014-2016218(1) 1st row
108Tamalika GuhaIdentification of non-expressive ontology of information: an analysis of flickr data using altmetricsSaptarshi Ghosh2014-2016218(1) 1st row
109Popi DasReading Habits of young adults in Alipurduar district : an assessment based on public library accessTapan Barui2014-2016218(1) 1st row
110Soma SrakarAn annotated bibliography in liberation of Bangladesh (1971)Tapan Barui2014-2016218(1) 1st row
111Ananya SarkarA webometric study of IIT and IIM portals: identification of the underlying website design theoriesSaptarshi Ghosh2014-2016218(1) 1st row
112Prakash DasManagement Information System of University libraries of Northern region of West Bengal: a system analysisSaptarshi Ghosh2014-2016218(1) 1st row
113Subhajit SarkarLibrary administration and information service support to users of jalpaiguri district in public libraries: an studyTapan Barui2014-2016218(1) 1st row
114Ashesh RaiLibrary extension service by the public library of hills sub-division of darjeeling district: a studyTapan Barui2014-201629(3) right row
115Pradip SakarKaratoya,a journal of the department of history,university of north bengal: a citation analysisTapan Barui2014-201629(3) right row
116Swadhin PanditDigital preservation system of university libraries in northern region of west bengal: a system analysisSaptarshi Ghosh2014-201629(3) right row
117Ibrahim MollickSpecial and personal cpllection of visva bharati central library and rabindrabhavana library: an analytical studyTapan Barui2014-201629(3) right row
118Sapan ChhetriOrientation of librarian towards the usage of open source software in college libraries of Jalpaiguri districtSaptarshi Ghosh2014-201629(3) right row
119Rintu DasLibrary and information science blogs: a content analysisSaptarshi Ghosh2014-201629(3) right row
120Avinash RaiA community study and information need assessment of 'Rai' community residing in Darjeeling hills,West BengalTapan Barui2014-201629(3) right row
121Dhananjoy TotoCollection and preservation of document in college libraries of Alipurduar district: a studyTapan Barui2014-201629(3) right row
122Suravi RudraOpen source article repository in LISSaptarshi Ghosh2014-201629(3) middle row
123Sangita SarkarStrategies for staff development: a model for different tiers of libraries in west bengalTapan Barui2014-201629(3) middle row
124Shrestha BanerjeeContent analysis of the telegraph on "library" from 2010-2015Tapan Barui2014-201629(3) middle row
125Sharmila SarkarTrend of research in library and information science in during 2011-2015 :a statistical studyTapan Barui2014-201629(3) middle row
126Devna GazmerHill tourism information system(HITIS): a model for hill tourismTapan Barui2014-201629(3) middle row
127Tanushree AichCommunity profile and information seeking behaviour of women worker under central government(SMC)Tapan Barui2014-201629(3) middle row
128Laboni SarkarCareer guidence service provided by the public libraries in cooch-behar sadar sub-division: an evaluative studyTapan Barui2014-201629(3) middle row
129Mukti DasRay Saheb thakur panchanan Barma and his contribution tp Rajbanshi community: an analytical studySaptarshi Ghosh2014-201629(3) middle row
130Santu MandalDigital preservation of university libraries of Kolkata District: a status report in 2000-2012Tapan Barui2011-201329(3) left row
131Partha MajumdarFacet analysis and depth schedule on library management: an extension of colon classification 7th editionTapan Barui2011-201329(3) left row
132Dedasish RoyInformation digest on malbazar sub-division,jalpaiguri: a web based study of information published in The Telegraph from 2003-2008Dr.Susanta Das2007-200829(3) left row
133Kumar Probal NarayanCollege libraries in Cooch Behar: their organization and managementDr.Susanta Das2007-200829(3) left row
134Tumpa SahaKnowledge audit of integrated child development service(ICDS) scheme workers in siliguri sub-divisionSaptarshi Ghosh2012-20149(3) left row
135Mousumi KunduInformation seeking behaviour of users of center for himalayan studiesTapan Barui2012-20149(3) left row
136Sukla DasDescriptive cataloguing of the collection of akshaya kumar maitreya haritage museum of N.B.UTapan Barui2011-201329(3) left row
137Aloka MochariInformation management and services of siliguri mahakuma college libraries: a studyTapan Barui2011-201329(3) left row
138Riya DasguptaSiliguri mahakumar samakalin khudra patra-patrikar lekhak-lekhika der sankhipta jiban panji(1990,august-2013)Tapan Barui2011-201329(3) left row
139Krishna Pada RoySiliguri mahakumar samakalin khudra patra-patrikar lekhak-lekhika der sankhipta jiban panji(1990,august-2007)Manoj Kumar Roy2006-20079(3) left row