YearDateName of the Seminar/ProgramOrganizing Secretary /CoordinatorPresidentSeminar Director/ ModeratorNumber of ParticipantsResource Persons
201602/11/2016 to 22/11/2016Refresher Course in Sustainable Llibraries in Knowledge Management Dr. Saptarshi Ghosh50
20179th and 10th MarchNational Seminar on Participatory Librarianship (NSPL)Mr. Tapan BaruiDr. Saptarshi Ghosh1. Prof. N. Laxman Rao 2. Prof. Ratna Bandopadhyay 3. Prof. Subal Chandra Biswas 4. Prof. Durga Sankar Rath 5. Prof. Sanjay Kumar Singh
201711th MarchReunion, DLIS, NBU-2017Mr. Ajay Misra and Mr. Santanu ChandaMr. Tapan BaruiDr. Saptarshi GhoshProf. Sanjay Kumar Singh
201714th & 15th SeptemberUGC Sponsored Seminar on Social Implications of Library and Information Science (SILIS) : Descriptive and Prescriptive ApproachMr. Tapan BaruiDr. Saptarshi Ghosh1. Pof. Juran Krishna Sarkhel 2. Prof. Krishnapada Majumder 3. Prof. Subarna Kumar Das
201810th August Librarians’ Day Celebration and a Thematic Deliberation on the Myth of Knowledge Society and Library Dr. Tapan BaruiDr. Saptarshi Ghosh1. Prof. Ratna Bandopadhyay 2. Prof. Bani Prasanna Misra 3. Prof. Sanchari Roy Mukherjee4. Prof. Soumitra De5. Dr. Dilip Sarkar
201829th October to 02nd November 5 days Capacity Building Training Program for Public Library Personnels Dr. Tapan Barui1. Prof. Partha Sarathi Mukhopadhyay 2. Dr. Saptarshi Ghosh 3. Dr. Tapan Barui 4. Mr. Soumen Sarkar 5. Mr. Mayukh Biswas 6. Mr. Anirban Biswas 7. Mr. Manas Esh
20197th-8th March Two days National Seminar on Theoretical Uniformity in Library & Information Science (TTULIS)Mr. Mayukh Biswas Dr. Tapan BaruiDr. Saptarshi Ghosh  1. Prof. ARD Prasad 2. Prof. S.C. Biswas 3. Prof. Subarna Das 4. Prof. P.S. Mukhopadhyay 5. Prof. R.K. Mahapatra 6. Prof. S.K. Singh
20206th MarchNational Symposium on Next Generation Information Managers for the Knowledge SocietyMr. Mayukh Biswas Dr. Tapan BaruiDr. Saptarshi Ghosh 1. Prof. Durga Sankar Rath 2. Prof. Sanjoay Kumar Singh 3. Prof. Parthasarathi Mukhopadhyay 4. Mr. Mriganka Mondal 5. Dr. N.C. Ghosh
202102.03.2021 to 15.03.2021Refresher Course in Library and Information Science on Bridging the Gap between Library Services and LIS Education Dr. Tapan Barui501. Prof. Durga Sankar Rath 2. Prof. Subarna Kumar Das 3. Prof. Subal Chandra Biswas 4. Prof. Subal Chandra Biswas 5.Dr. Nimai Chand Saha 6. Prof. Saptarshi Ghosh 7. Prof. A S Chandel 8. Dr. Sibsankar Jana 9. Prof. Arabinda Maity
202112th AugustLibrarians’ Day Celebration And a Thematic Deliberation On Role of Webinar in the New Normal Pedagogy” Mr. Mayukh BiswasDr. Saptarshi Ghosh Dr. Tapan Barui1771. Prof. Laxman Rao Nagubandi 2. Prof. Ratna Bandopadhyay 3. Prof. Udayan Bhattacharya
202122.09.2021 to 07.10.2021Refresher Course on Changing Role of Use of ICT, Open Distance Learning, Open Source Resources and Online Support System in Higher Education and Research Dr. Saptarshi Ghosh Dr. Tapan Barui501.      Prof. Parthasarathi Mukhopadhyay 2. Prof. Saptarshi Ghosh, 3. Dr. Mayank Trivedi 4. Dr. Tapan Barui 5. Prof. Uma Kanjilal 6. Dr. Bijan Kumar Roy 7. Dr. Narayan Chandra Ghosh 8. Prof.  Durga Sankar Rath 9. Mr. Anirban Biswas 10. Dr. Ujjal Marjit 11.Dr. Anup Kumar Das 13. Dr Anindya Bose 14. Dr. Rupak Chakravarty 15. Prof. Udayan Bhattacharya 16. Prof. Anjan Chakraborty 17. Dr. Santosh Kumar Behera 18. Prof. (Dr.) Ramesh C. Gaur