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Centralized and Co-operative Cataloguing

Centralized and Co-operative Cataloguing


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Co-operative cataloguing definition:

Co-operative cataloguing takes place when a number of libraries co-operate in cataloguing of books. Some library scientists have tried to explain the phenomenon of co-operative cataloguing as when a number of independent libraries share the work of producing a catalogue for their mutual benefit, this is termed cooperative cataloguing. On other word cooperative cataloguing may be said to exist when a number of libraries take a share in the cost and work of providing and maintain a centralized cataloguing bureau and reap the benefit accruing from it.
On the basis of these above discussion it can be said that co-operative cataloguing is a procedure in which many libraries share the responsibility of preparing catalogue card and also the expenditure incurred in the venture for mutual benefit.
Objectives of co-operative cataloguing:
The objectives of co-operative cataloguing are
  • Better use of resources.
  • Standardization of cataloguing practice.
  • Economy in expenses.
  • Improving the quality of library services.
  • Preparation of union catalogue with relative case.
Advantage of co-operative cataloguing are many and it server various purpose. Some important futures can be given as under:
  • ECONOMY: it is most economical from of cataloguing as discussed above. It is not only save money, man power and machinery also. Saving in terms of money, man power and marching can be utilized for other services in the library.
  • ELIMINATION OF DUPLICATION: if may eliminate duplication of cataloguing work in liobraries.
  • QUALITY: It ensure Qualitative cataloguing at cheaper cost because expert cataloguers can be engaged to catalogue books at selected places.
  • UNIFORMITY: If ensure uniformity in internal and physical forms of catalogue used by the participating libraries.
  • QUANTITY: Quantity of books catalogued is increased, i.e., more number of books can be catalogued in less time.
  • UNION CATALOGUING: If may be helpful in copmlication of union catalogue.
Disadvantages of co-operative cataloguing:
  • It gives rise to unemployment of cataloguers because cataloguers are required only of the centralized or selected places when the work a cataloguing is divided.
  • Libraries adopting different form and type of catalogues cannot participate in it.
  • The cost of such a scheme coupled with the delay in security cards would render it impracticable.
The fear that the libraries would be deprived of a valuable part of their technical training and that their opportunities for becoming acquitted with the character and contents of books would be reduced.